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State Board of Elections Finds no Fault with the North Carolina Democratic Party [Correction]

Andrew Whalen, the Executive Director of the North Carolina Democratic Party has released a statement. It's easiest simply to reprint it.

Today, in a unanimous vote, the State Board of Elections fully exonerated the North Carolina Democratic Party of any violations of election law.

Evidence presented during the hearing indicated that the Easley Committee solicited contributions for the Party from two donors, indicating to the donors that those contributions would be used on behalf of the Easley Committee.

It was undisputed that the Party did not participate in the solicitations and had no knowledge of the manner in which the solicitations were made. The SBOE did order the Party to disgorge $9,000 representing the two contributions.

80th Annual Mallard Creek Barbecue

Last Thursday I had the great pleasure of attending the 80th Annual Mallard Creek Barbecue. I've written about the event before. It is a must-do on the political calendar in Mecklenburg County each year. The weather was beautiful and the cars lined up for miles to drive through to pick up their boxed lunches or to park and enjoy the gathering crowd.

Diners had a choice of two lines - political and not political. Most chose to walk through the political line. It's a tradition. Candidates and their supporters stand and shake hands and pass out campaign literature. Pictured at left is Charlotte's Mayor Pro Tem, Democratic National Committeewoman and Charlotte City Council At-Large candidate Susan Burgess. Susan should have no trouble at the polls on Tuesday

The event started back in 1929 when men of Mallard Creek Presbyterian Church held a meeting to decide how to raise money to pay for their new Sunday School building. A pig had been barbecued for the meeting and it was decided that later that year they would have a gathering of the church members and surrounding community and sell barbecue to raise money. Proceeds in the first year were about $89. A plate of barbecue and Brunswick Stew today costs $9.

The church is not located on the property where the event is held, but there are several structures, fields and a new well-lit baseball diamond. Throughout the year local community groups and boy scout troops hold meetings and other events there. I'm sure a large part of the building space is used to store all of the tables and chairs.

Kissell supports President's public option but will not offer up Medicare as a sacrifice

Rep. Larry Kissell has never once said he would not support a public health insurance option. In the latest whip count Kissell acknowledged he will support a bill with a public option as long as it meets the same criteria President Obama set out - it must be deficit neutral, end discrimination against those with pre-existing conditions, have real portability, bend the cost curve with real competition, and Larry adds one other requirement - the bill cannot offer up Medicare as a sacrifice.

Dear Rep. Bob Etheridge: Time to $#!& or get off the pot

Dear Bob,

You've milked this for all it's worth. You've raised just about all the money you can on this whole pretend Senate run thing. We all like you and think you do a great job as a congressman for your district, but if we were going to rally around you in the hopes of making you our next United States Senator don't you think we would have rallied already? You and those waiting in line behind you need to show that you are capable of making the difficult decisions. Decide already!

Those of us paying attention in North Carolina know that Kenneth Lewis and Elaine Marshall are running, but for some reason the national press is waiting on you to make up your freaking mind. They're even ceding some ground to Burr - ground we know he doesn't own. How much more real estate are you willing to sign over to him?

So, what is this Grassroots Farm Team Anyway?

Yeah, I noticed it too. All of a sudden BlueNC had all these posts from some unknown organization asking for your money. It's bad enough that candidates want our hard earned cash, but now we have some upstart PAC wanting us to donate so they can support young candidates. What's that all about?

I had a chance to sit down with founder, Sam Spencer yesterday. It wasn't an interview, so I didn't ask too many hard nosed questions. We were enjoying some barbecue and doing some crowd watching at the 80th Mallard Creek Barbecue in Mecklenburg County and the subject naturally came up.

Most of us who have been here a while know Sam from his posts and from the various campaigns he's worked on. Remember when he packed up his car and headed to Iowa to work for Joe Biden?

Charlotte Observer At-Large City Council Endorsements

The Charlotte Observer editorial board endorsements are out for the Charlotte City Council and while I would have liked to see a 3-1 split for Dems, they didn't do a shabby job of picking strong candidates.

After winning for years without the CharO endorsement, Susan Burgess finds herself in the happy situation of having received the endorsement this year. I'm sure she will be eternally grateful, though I imagine she would easily win without it.

Recommended Diaries are back!

Our recommended diaries block is back up and running. Please make sure you vote using the little star graphic under each dairy. We will have the top three up for now, but as things heat up during election season we can increase that number to accommodate all the excellent diaries that will be written about all our fine candidates. Aheeeem....

So....what are you waiting for? Vote people, vote!

North Carolina Conservation Network in Charlotte Tuesday

Tomorrow (Tuesday) evening the North Carolina Conservation Network will be meeting in Charlotte. I'm not going to be able to make it, but it isn't too late to RSVP.

Date: 10/20/2009 from 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm (Eastern Time)

Hosted By: NC Conservation Network
Jessilyn Kemp, Organizer jessilyn at ncconservationnetwork dot org 919-857-4699 xt. 108

RSVP by: October 19, 2009 at 8:00 pm (Eastern Time)


Map REI Community Room
9755 Northlake Centre Parkway
Charlotte, NC 28216

(704) 921-0320

We hope you’ll join our organizer Jessilyn Kemp for a casual night of socializing and fun! She will be visiting 6 locations across North Carolina this fall, including a stop in Charlotte on Tuesday, October 20th.

Operation Free Sending Veterans to NC to Speak out for Energy Independence

A group of veterans, some from North Carolina, will be touring the state to speak up for energy independence as a national security issue. This tour is part of Operation Free which is a program of the Truman National Security Project. Please find the stop closest to you and go listen to what these men and women have to say. I will be at the Charlotte stop on Wednesday and hope to see some of you there. Please follow the links to register for the event, though registration is not required.

21-Oct Raleigh, NC 9:00-10:30
VFW State Headquarters,
917 New Bern Ave
Raleigh, NC 27601

21-Oct Fayetteville, NC 11:30 - 1:00
Freedom Memorial Park (outside)

Anthony Foxx earns Charlotte Observer endorsement

The Charlotte Observer editorial board announced yesterday that it is endorsing Anthony Foxx for the Charlotte mayoral race.

In the end, though, we back Foxx. We think he is a better fit for what Charlotte needs at this point in its evolution as a city.


We believe the next mayor needs to be unusually adept at connecting with residents and uniting a diverse community. He needs to use the mayor's office as a bully pulpit. He should set the agenda and tackle our city's toughest problems with new solutions. He must reach out to our neighbors in the region, in Raleigh and in Washington to seek collaborative approaches. He needs to imbue the city with confidence that we can navigate through this daunting time and emerge stronger than before. He should not do things the way we've always done them.

This is one of the few times lately that I find I agree with the Charlotte Observer editorial board.


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