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Observer Piles on the Heap, Calls for Black's Resignation

I can honestly say that I don't always agree with The Charlotte Observer. When it comes to asking for Jim Black's resignation, I think it's the right thing to do. I understand that Black hasn't been indicted for a crime, but his carelessness and lack of good judgment have harmed his office and if left to fester could taint other Democrats in November's elections.

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We Are Free! Let's Celebrate!

We remain unfettered by the chains of government regulation, the shackles that would limit our free discourse and gag our brilliant and articulate rhetoric. Oh, OK, I'll cut through the mess. Friday night the Federal Election Commission agreed that bloggers and online activists will not be regulated in their political activities.

According to an article in The Washington Post, the only regulation agreed on at this point is that candidates for federal office must pay for internet ads with money regulated by federal campaign law. The biggest surprise is that the Republicans and Democrats were in agreement.

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Bend Over Boys

It's time to kiss your asses goodbye. Russia has already said it will side with China On UN Security Council. Now we find out they passed our Iraq war plans to Iraq.

Didn't the chimpster in chief say something about looking into Putin's eyes and seeing his soul...or some crap like that? He has to be the single worst judge of character I've ever witnessed.

Just how much do we owe China? Anybody want to guess just how long before Russia and China are laughing over how they've pretty much emasculated our government. George W. Bush is the biggest dumbass on the earth.

Friday Morning Action Plan

Don't pop the corks yet folks! This is not a done deal. I just got off the phone with Tinathan in the Communications office at the USDA Forest Service. This is still on the table and the comment period is still open until the 30th of March.

WE HAVE NOT WON THIS YET! She urged us to please keep the heat on and get those emails in to them as quickly as we can.

Anyone here think that Charles Taylor's office intentionally put this little bit of misinformation out there? You betcha!

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Thursday Morning Action Plan

Today we are going to do our best to get our N.C. Senators and Representatives informed about this issue. One of the best ways to do it is to simply email or call them and ask if they are aware of this. Many should be since there have been articles in almost every daily newspaper about this issue and the Governor and both Senators in Washington are against the sale of our National Forests.

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Wednesday Afternoon Action Plan

First, my apologies for being so tardy with the action plan today. I am trudging along through the slightly medicated stupor and very groggy from not being able to sleep through the pain. My lack of coherence today will be explained away by the above statement. My lack of coherence any other day defies explanation.

We have had good news from both of our Senators. Mr. Burr and Mrs. Dole have both come out against selling our National Forest lands. Since I don't trust either one of them any further than I can throw them we are going to email them today to thank them for coming out against the sale and register our position. They still need to hear from us so they know how many will work against them in the next election if they vote with the President on this one. (Yeah, like we would ever work to get them elected!)

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National News Roundup 3/22

From The Washington Post: So which Bush is telling the truth? The one who said we would have a majority of troops home by the end of the year or the one who says they will stay until after '08. Typical Bush style - leave your mess for someone else to clean up. You've been doing it your entire worthless life you whiney little (*$)(%^#$*#(%)($$^*^. Bushies buddies get all the cash. They are doing their damndest to rip the Constitution to bypassing the process that turns a bill into a law. Chertoff endorsing security at chemical plants, but is he going far enough?

I apologize for the venom this morning. I have a very bad migraine and I'm just not feeling very generous toward the Bush and his bots.

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