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Why I'm not Writing

It's crunch time ladies and gentlemen. I am having to take some time to get this house packed, painted and cleaned so we can list it sooner rather than later. I figure the earlier I get it finished the more likely it is I won't be dealing with this closer to May 2 and November 7.

The really good news is I think we found a house plan that is just right. We are now looking for a builder. If anyone knows builders who will work in Lincoln County please pass along their names.

I wouldn't normally have written a diary about this, but I just wanted you to know where I am and why I'm not consistently posting here.

Mel Watt Addresses His Silence on the McKinney Case

I admit I am biased. I really like Mel Watt. He may not be perfect, but he is very classy and intelligent. He also has some nice committee seats that could come into play if he keeps them after next November. (Judiciary)

I won't rehash the Observer article, but it looks like Tim Funk is copying BlueNC's question and answer articles. This is certainly worth the time it takes to read.

Here's the link.


You may or may not know that our government is having recess. Some Senators and Representatives will use this time to bolster sagging popularity numbers back home and others will hit the road - most on "official" trips. So, where are our North Carolina politicians going to be this week?

It's worth going to the flip side...

Bush's Poll Ratings Continue to Freefall

A Washington Post/ABC News Poll shows that the President's approval rating has sunk even lower. The poll was conducted April 6-9, so information about the leaks coming from the Oval Office and Bush's encounter with Harry Taylor should have figured in to the responses. The Republican loyalists that I've spoken with think Bush handled his first enounter with the First Amendment reasonable well. That doesn't seem to have helped his numbers much, though.

Scott McClellen might differ with me on whether it is a leak if the President declassified the information. I have news for Scotty. Most Americans I know are tired of going along with the administration in their semantics games. When the President selectively leaks information to fool the American people or to discredit one man who speaks out against him, most Americans know that is wrong. There will always be a group of nut rubbers who will go along with anything the President does or says, but they are in the minority if poll numbers are correct.

More on the flip side...

John Edwards Backs Feingold's Censure Motion

John Edwards has spoken out in support of Senator Russ Feingold's censure motion. With all that is coming out now about the selective leaking of classified information you just have to wonder if we will jump right into impeachment. Wouldn't it be refreshing to see a Republican required to obey the law?

The story on Edwards is in The Charlotte Observer.

House Democrats to Hold Caucus in Next Two Weeks

At some point in the next two weeks the Democrats in Raleigh will hold a caucus to discuss the issues surrounding Speaker Jim Black. Four Democrats have called for Black to either resign his post or step down from his leadership position.

The caucus is not out of the ordinary. Julie Robinson, Black's Communications Director, said it is commonly held before every session. However, this caucus will probably be a little more heated than those held in the past.

The real question is below the fold

Hundreds Protest Bush in Charlotte

Apparently, the free speech zone in Charlotte was close enough for protestors to be heard. They shouted, "Do your job," at the motorcade as it passed. There were 300-400 people in the middle of a work day standing on Elizabeth Avenue in front of the community college where Bush was to speak. "Worst President Ever," was shouted by many in the group. The Charlotte Observer has this story.

As a contrast, there were 1000 tickets available and organizers were calling local dignataries multiple times trying to give away the tickets.

Bush and the Sound of Silence

On Thursday of this week President George W. Bush is coming to Charlotte to sound the drum beat for his war on terror. What are we hearing in Charlotte from Republicans who typically line up to rub nuts with Bushie? Pleasantly enough, not a damned thing. If you visit the web site for the Mecklenburg County Republican Party, you will see their rundown of judges but NOTHING (until they get a ping from this link) on the President's pending visit.

While it required a huge dose of antacid, I even braved a visit to the North Carolina Republican Party Web site. Not.A.Word. Shhhh! Let's not tell them. Maybe nobody will show. Then again, maybe that's the plan. Maybe even North Carolina Republicans have figured out Bush is toxic.

More below the fold...

Larry Kissell is Ready to Win in November

First, let me set you straight. I'm not some giddy little school girl - far from it. Meeting Larry Kissell made my day, yesterday. When I planned to go to the Mecklenburg County Democratic Convention I hadn't thought about the candidates who might be there. Once I saw a few shaking hands, I made a beeline for the Larry Kissell table.

He is tall. Not imposing tall, but Mr. Smith-goes-to-Washington tall. Oh...and humble...yes, the humility is palpable, as is the honesty. This isn't some slick talking, in-your-face, self-annointed savior of the 8th District. Nope, just the opposite. Larry is real.

More about the Kissell campaign below the fold.


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