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Republicans Want to Curb Capitalism

Republicans in Congress are looking for ways to curb capitalism, at least in one industry. It seems capitalism is cool until it hurts you at the polls. The problem is rising gas prices. As the prices go up, Republican popularity goes down. I guess free enterprise isn't so free, is it fellas?

You've probably heard by now that Hastert and Frist are looking for ways to reduce gas prices before the summer surge hits. According to this Washington Post article, energy experts say it isn't that easy. While no quick fix is given, it does help explain an email sent by Walter Jones discussed yesterday in one of Anglico's diaries.

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You Thought Chuckie Taylor Couldn't Get Worse

It can't possibly get much worse than being the lone Congressman holding up the placement of a permanent monument to the crew and passenger heroes of flight 93.

For emotional wallop, there are few rivals to the windswept, grassy field outside of Shanksville, Pa., where United Airlines Flight 93 crashed on Sept. 11, 2001.

But for three years, that field has made do with a makeshift monument while one member of Congress, Rep. Charles H. Taylor (R-N.C.), has blocked a $10 million request to buy the land for a permanent memorial to the 40 passengers and crew members who overpowered hijackers bent on crashing their jet into the Capitol or the White House.

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I quoted the wrong numbers for Robin Hayes in my Kissel write up last week. While it doesn't make that big of a difference, I don't like to print the wrong information without a correction. Blogger hasn't been working today, but I just wanted ya'll to know that I'm aware I had a bit of a goof and I will be writing up a correction for the front page.

I could offer any number of excuses or explanations, but it was likely the fact that I have so many FEC files saved to my computer and had too much cold medicine in me on Wednesday.

The good news is, that while Robin Hayes pulled in a few more thousand in contributions than I attributed to him, there were two huge sums of money that caught my eye.

Larry Kissell Will Take the NC-8 Seat from the GOP

Larry Kissell is a strong progressive candidate and he is on track to take North Carolina's 8th Congressional District away from Republican Robin Hayes. Larry has tailored his issues to the voters in the district and his stance on each reflects true progressive ideals.

A couple of weeks ago I had an opportunity to meet Larry. I hadn't realized he would be at the Democratic convention in our county. I had been interested in this race from the beginning as I live on the border of his district, but not in it. I had initially thought Tim Dunn was the candidate to beat Hayes, but long before Dunn bowed out I had started to gravitate to Kissell. I wanted to meet him to see if all those qualities I felt he had - humility, integrity, compassion - were real.

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Rhodes v Tillis: GOP Family Feud

We've had a few comments on this race from Republicans visiting the site, so when I saw this posted on, I thought I would see what interesting tidbits I could learn about the race.

I don't usually like to enter the Republican mind. It's a dark scary place, full of cobwebs, traps and noxious gasses. (Remember, I have personal experience with trying to figure out the Republican mind since I'm married to one.)

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President Bush Admits to Hearing Voices

This is simply too rich to just let go. There is absolutely no possible way this man has an Ivy League education. The "decider" in chief is caught on tape saying, "I listen to all the voices." Too bad for the rest of us he never pays close attention to them! Crooks and Liars has the video.

If he did pay attention, he might have heard Scotty saying, "I quit!" Scott McClellen is out as press secretary. Anyone want the job?

NCGOP: The Tax Man Cometh

Eight short years ago Sam Currin was on top as chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party. Today, he's just another everyday Republican who's been indicted and arrested for a tax fraud conspiracy.

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Larry Kissell Stands Out in Debate

It wasn't heavily publicized, but there was a televised debate between the three candidates running for the Democratic nomination for the 8th Congressional District. The winner in the primary will face Republican Robin Hayes.

There has been no mud-slinging that I've heard and all three candidates are decent, honorable, hard-working men. All three seem to have the integrity and intelligence it will take to clean up the mess Republicans have made of our government and all three will work for the common good.

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