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Funnies From Screwy

Our own Screwy Hooley (notice,I'm claiming him as BlueNC's "own" - he existed loooong before we did!) does an amazing job at Scrutiny Hooligans. Here are just a few of the illustrations he and his fellow bloggers found to use with their posts. They are reprinted here completely without permission, however, each picture links to the blog post it was stolen from or to the front page.

After seeing that voter turnout in one precinct in Charlotte was .42% for Reps and .55% Dems, this picture really spoke to me. I think apathetic is a kind description. Pathetic is more like it.

More laughs on the flip side...

Porter Goss Resigning

Porter Goss is resigning from the CIA. Is it because the CIA couldn't get the President and his war cabal to pay attention to good intelligence, or is it because the Watergate Hotel has cooperated with subpoena requests for records in the Hookergate scandal? I guess only time will tell.

Kissell Wins!

Oh, how I hope I'm writing this again in November. It appears the Mecklenburg County results are coming in, but they aren't updating the web site.

Kissell is carrying 56% of the vote with 79% of precincts reporting in. It also looks like Tillis has beaten Rhodes in the only local upset.

UPDATE:Kissell message on the flip side...

I met an Amazing Woman Tonight

I met an amazing woman tonight. She's a retired librarian. She has gray hair, but is so very far from a little old lady. She's traveling and has volunteered for a MoveOn group in Charlotte called The Freedom Group.

She's been busy in her retirement years, but not too busy to stay at a poll ALL DAY from 6:30 to 7:30 to ask voters to cast their vote for her candidate. Luckily, this time, her candidate is Larry Kissell.

She might not seem so amazing to some, but in this day and age when we feel lucky to get 10-15% of our voters to the polls, D.S. (I don't want to use her real name) stayed at a poll for 13 hours. She was the only poll worker there until I stopped by for the final two hours.

There's a little more on the flip side...

Support Democratic Judges Part II

I hope Targator won't mind that I'm hijacking his topic (original story found here) to add something I found on the NCDP web site. Here is a link to a handy dandy PDF printout. There are two handouts per page and it's very nicely done. This is perfect for those of us working polls on Tuesday. Even if you aren't working polls you can print a few of these off to remind family and friends which names on the ballot belong to Democrats.

Robin Hayes Correction

There's nothing I dislike more than being wrong. I would love to be able to say it doesn't happen often....but it does. At my age, I've learned it is always best to admit, apologize and move on. That being said, I made a big oooops in my Kissell/Hayes article last week.

Read what I learned from my mistake on the flip side...

Rove and Fitzgerald Meet with Grand Jury Today

With Mother's Day and my birthday fast approaching, special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald has taken steps to deliver me the best month of May in recent history. I can tell my husband to cancel birthday plans. Dear, sweet Pat is going to deliver the gifts for him. How thoughtful! And, he doesn't even have to wrap them.

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