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Democracy on the Rise in America

Now what, pray tell, could be funny about the above headline? I know most of you don't do odd things like listen to the Connecticut state convention streaming over your computer. I do. I have been following the Ned Lamont v. Joe Leiberman primary challenge.

Lamont is the candidate supported by the netroots and Lieberman is the Bush Republican clothed as a Democrat. Lieberman has never faced a primary challenger and if you know the process in Connecticut you'll understand why. A challenger has to receive at least 15% of the ballots at the convention or gather 1500 (give or take a few) signatures to qualify for the primary.

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Robin Hayes, NC-08: Bought and Paid For

Well, I'll be damned. Robin Hayes sure is making it easy on me. I do enjoy research and I had planned to take a look at his time in Congress and line up his votes and compare them to the influx of contributions surrounding his votes, but I didn't think I would find something so damning in the first couple of minutes of research.

On Wednesday I wrote about the stunt Hayes pulled at the gas station when he announced he would introduce legislation that would provide tax breaks to those companies who install facilities to provide E85.

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Robin Hayes, NC-08: The Impotence of One

Robin Hayes is learning a tough lesson in Washington. It stinks to belong to the party in power and yet, have none of your own. It must be lonely walking the halls of Congress knowing that you've been used and abused like an inflatable party doll. But that's not stopping Robin Hayes. Not at all.

As reported in The Charlotte Observer, on May 9th, Robin Hayes held a press conference at a gas station outside of his district in Charlotte, NC and filled his SUV with E85 while at the same time announcing he would introduce a bill to offer tax incentives for businesses that develop facilities to sell E85. Good for Robin.

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Reason 25: Why You Shouldn't Vote Republican

The first reason you shouldn't vote Republican is that they don't have the best interests of North Carolinians at heart. The other 24 reasons are the Republicans moronic enough to pay $5000 each to have their picture made with Rudy Giuliani.

Giuliani was in town recently to raise money for the NCGOP. About 300 people attended a luncheon. A couple dozen paid for pictures. Howard Dean came to Charlotte where 300 people attended a dinner and 450 attended a rally. He walked the streets ringing on doorbells. In the precincts he walked, voter turnout doubled on primary election day. Pictures with Howard Dean were free.

Remember the Effing Fish

President Bush was lobbed a softball recently while in Germany. All he had to do was come up with a highlight of the past five and a half years. All he needed was one, single, solitary heart-warming story about his presidency. He could have talked about the resolve of our country after the attacks of 9/11. He could have mentioned the spirit of those rebuilding after losing everything in Hurricane Katrina. He could have spoken of meeting a brave soldier, marine, airman or sailor recovering from injuries at Walter Reed Hospital. George Bush, the President of the United States ignored all of these possibilities and chose as the highlight of his presidency catching a 7.5 pound Perch from his lake in Texas.

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What's the Big Damned Deal?

I know we will have to wait for details of President Bush's proposal tonight, but authorization for the use of our military at the nation's borders is not new. As a matter of fact, it's proposed and approved almost every year as a matter of standard procedure. At least, that's the way it seems.

In 1999 it was called the Traficant Amendment to H.R. 1401, in 2000 it was the Traficant Amendment to H.R. 4205 and in 2005 it was called the House Amendment 206 to H.R. 1816. As a matter of fact, almost identical authorization amendments have passed in the House since 1999. So, Bushie, what's the big damned deal?

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Walter Jones (NC-03): Onward Christian Soldiers

Walter Jones, the Republican Representative in North Carolina's 3rd Congressional District has just sent a big F*%# You to non-Christians serving in our military forces.

"We felt there needed to be a clarification" of the rules "because there is political correctness creeping into the chaplains corps," said Rep. Walter B. Jones (R-N.C.). "I don't understand anyone being opposed to a chaplain having the freedom to pray to God in the way his conscience calls him to pray."

Today's Washington Post carries a story that will surely slip under the radar with everything else going on in the country. I was going to save it for our Sunday series until I saw that our very own Walter Jones was quoted in the article.

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Bush Approval Rating 29% Harris Interactive WSJ

This didn't take very long did it? Here's a link to a free feature at the WSJ. If this link takes you to a login, do a search for Harris Interactive in your browser window. A link to the Wall Street Journal should show in your results. This is a free feature. I am not getting you around a firewall. Cheating is for Republicans.

Nixon was facing impeachment proceedings before his approval rating dropped this low, wasn't he?


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