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Taylor repeatedly refuses to pay property back taxes

Jackson County moved to garnish Congressional wages

North Carolina Congressman Charles Taylor (R-11) received forestry tax breaks on land owned in Jackson County, NC. In 1998, when requested, Taylor refused to submit a land management plan to prove it warranted that tax break.

He also has has a history of failing to pay property taxes in Haywood and Transylvania counties. Transylvania County failed to collect some of the back taxes owed because a 10-year time limit had run out. Haywood only received the moneys owed when they ordered the sheriff to collect the money in 90 days or sell the land.

Taylor's history of ethical and moral breakdowns

Beginning this afternoon, I will be posting a series of summaries of different incidents history of North Carolina's Rep. Charles Taylor (R-11) failures as a representative, as a businessman and as a citizen.

While each entry will be compilations from previously published articles, I feel there needs to be some place on the web (or anywhere else, for that matter) where the bulk of this information has been compiled.

I will try to keep track of my sources within or at the end of each document. But, with the massive amount of material, I am sure to make errors or oversights. I will try to correct these as noted.


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