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Roy Carter at Canyons

Canyons restaurant in Blowing Rock stands perched among the Blue Ridge Mountains, surrounded by North Carolina’s beautiful Globe Forest. Other than delicious quesadillas and breathtaking views, yesterday Canyons played host to a meeting of the conservation group WildSouth for a discussion of the dangers facing the mountain environment. For years, the trees of Pisgah National Forest have been left untouched, but recently, this status has become jeopardized.

NC-05: Republicans on the Run

North Carolina’s fifth district, spanning the northwest corner of the state, is currently represented by second term congresswoman Virginia Foxx, who, in addition to being in lockstep with President Bush on nearly every issue, has voted against SCHIP, Hurricane Katrina Relief, and extending the Voting Rights Act. Challenging her is Roy Carter, a longtime high school teacher and football coach whose dedication to public service spans 40 years. This district, until recently a Republican stronghold, is energized for change. Foxx’s approval rating within the district has been dropping steadily for months, and currently is among the lowest of active representatives.

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