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Jerry Meek rips Carville and praises Howard Dean

WOOOT Jerry comes out swinging against James Carville:


November 16, 2006

Contact: Schorr Johnson, (919) 821-2777, ext. 216

NCDP Chair Meek to Carville: The Election Results are Proof Dean’s 50-State Strategy is Working

Raleigh—North Carolina Democratic Party Chair Jerry Meek contacted Democratic strategist James Carville by email yesterday after Carville criticized the Democratic National Committee’s 50-State Strategy.

“A week after historic Democratic gains at the national level and in North Carolina, the last thing we need is someone trying to stoke infighting by second-guessing a winning strategy,” said Meek. “It’s about as productive as Rod Brind’Amor criticizing Coach Peter Laviolette because the Hurricanes lost three games before winning the Stanley Cup.”

Kissell needs our help/appeal from Jerry Meeks

The NCDP just put up a diary on kos asking for help putting kissel over the top. Please take a moment and visit the thread and recommend it

I won't bother cross posting the appeal here so head on over and read it. if any one can kick in even $5.00 it would be so worth it to get rid of the evil Hayes

Max in Raleigh

Rove informs WH he will be indicted !!!

It's about time this arrogant slime ball who's complicity in orchestrating this symphony of shit 29% of Americans call an administration is taken to the shed for a beating.

The administration is unraveling in a spectacular slow motion explosion, a horrific captivating drama that many of us saw coming a long time ago. The true patriots of freedom, those with the courage to stand up and dissent when it was not popular will be the hero's of these past 6 years and not the paper tigers, the chicken hawk, chicken shit that wrapped themselves in our flag to promote their own agenda.

Indy Outs Chris Mintz

All I can say is thank goodness we have a paper like the Indy and reporters like Bob Geary. He lays it all out regarding Mintzs' alleged moderate claims and recalls meeting him at a called2action meeting a year ago along with other interesting factoids. No mention of the court docs we uncovered but that's understandable. WOOOOT to everyone that is spreading the word on this Chameleon.


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