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In the battle of ideas, Progressives blew the Conservatives out of the water. The "most liberal United States Senator" was elected decisively by a broad and diverse coalition of Americans.

Funniest Blog Post Ever

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I’m going to nominate James Wolcott’s post over at Vanity Fair for funniest ever. Read the whole thing here. For my money, Wolcott is the most entertaining writer in the blogosphere. In this post, Wolcott describes the implosion of the righty bloggers as they come to grips with the possibility of an Obama presidency. Or, as Wolcott says:

Colin Powell: Endorses Obama, admits to being Socialist

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As everyone knows by now, Colin Powell has endorsed Barack Obama for President. But the most interesting information was revealed in Powell’s question-and-answer session after his appearance on Meet the Press. It seems Powell is not too thrilled with the McCarthyism of John McCain and Sarah Palin and their smears of Obama as a Socialist. Here is what Powell had to say about taxes and the negativity of the McCain campaign:


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So… conservative Republican John McCain decided to resurrect the "attack them as Liberals" approach in his debate against Barack Obama. McCain stretched the truth on Friday when he said "Senator Obama has the most Liberal voting record in the United States Senate." Neocon pundit William Kristol confirmed the strategy in his column in the New York Times yesterday, stating that attacking Obama as too liberal is "How McCain Wins."

A Nasty Piece of Work

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Jon Ham is a nasty piece of work, alright. He is a right wing blogger at the John Locke Foundation who I have discussed previously here. Ever wonder who Ronald Reagan had in mind when he would embed in his speeches racist code like "Cadillac driving welfare queen" or "a strapping young buck buying T-bone steaks with food stamps?" John Ham, that's who…and unfortunately he has access to a keyboard. His latest smear involves Michelle Obama.

McCain: “Country Last, Me First!”

Now we know that John McCain has been lying to us all along. As the Sarah Palin nomination for Cross-posted from The Progressive Pulse.
Vice-President makes obvious, John McCain has no interest in putting "Country First." Unless, I suppose, that you think McCain actually believes that the barely removed mayor of a hamlet in Alaska is the most qualified Republican to be one beat away from his 72 year old heart and the presidency.

“Drill Here, Drill Now!” Resistance is Futile

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Now that the right-wing hive mind has decided that today's free-market mantra is "Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less!"…resistance is futile. It's as if the Borg has directed the think tank drones to signal that their assimilation is complete by embedding the moronic meme in their blogs. Like other examples of right-wing GroupThink ("Lower Taxes, Increase Revenue!"), this one is embarrassingly and demonstrably false.


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