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Green Duke

Duke is following through on its commitment of 2007 to reduce coal use by restoring and re-opening the 1929 steam plant on East Campus. To that end, the coal train has made its last delivery.

I wonder, will they re-name Coal Pile Drive?

Universities discuss sustainability

I'm trying really hard not to be skeptical with this, and really trying to give the two blues the benefit of the doubt and hope that they're not just having this conference because they heard the word 'Sustainability' and decided they had to have a conference, so here goes:

UNC & Duke are having a conference on how universities can impact sustainability. I'll probably go, as there are some interesting looking speakers and I can legitimately say it's for my work, and it's near my office, but if it wasn't and it wasn't, I probably wouldn't.

Your Civic Duty

Attention everyone who lives in Durham (city or county), Chapel Hill, Carrboro, or Hillsborough (or inbetween CH and Hillsborough) - you are part of the DCHC MPO (Durham-Chapel Hill-Carrboro Metropolitan Planning Organization), a government entity. Please take a few minutes to fill out .this transportation survey

One of my friends who took this said that her results were 'skewed' because she doesn't have a car or a drivers' license, as if having a car and license was the natural state of being.


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