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Help! 60 seconds of user testing requested!

Big favor:

I need folks to "user test" this page: http://www.turnncblue.org/activism.html It will take maybe 1 minute. I'm interested in your opinion of that floating "item menu" on the right, that scrolls with you. If you click the individual links, they take you to individual items. It's all good on a desktop, but I'm not sure how it works on a mobile platform, either a tablet (iPad, Kindle Fire etc) or particularly a phone like an iPhone or a Droid or a 'Berry. If it does work, does it get in the way of reading the text?

Just a thumbs-up or thumbs-down in the comments is enough, though I'd love any and all feedback.

Thank you. You're helping more than you know.

Turn NC Blue is LIVE!

http://turnncblue.org is up and running. Very pleased!

A few minor glitches still need tending, but nothing major. Lots of work still to do, but that's coming soon. If you would, I would appreciate readers casting a critical eye over the site, both at the design and at the content (such as it is at the moment -- this site is still in its infancy) and commenting on elements you like and (even more importantly) think could be done better.

Next step once bugs are squashed: gobs and gobs of content. Plenty of room for volunteers to help with that!

Thanks so much to James and the BlueNC community for making this possible. This is just going to get better. McCrory and his Legion of Doof are going to HATE this. (Even more when we start kicking his minions out in 2014.)

Got Photoshop skills?

and a photo of a protester with a large sign? (More interested in the sign than I am the protester.)

I'm creating the site for the upcoming Turn NC Blue info resource we've talked about here in the last few days. I'm making an error (404) page. What I'd like is a pic (that you own or have the rights to use) with whatever slogan is on it "whited out" and a big 404 written over it. My Photoshop skills are rudimentary, and I don't have access to a good photo. It will be "eye candy" for the error page.


Fighting rhetoric and lies with information

Hi folks. New BlueNC member here. Quickie bio: born and raised in NC, live on the SE Coast in Thom Goolsby's district, more's the pity. For seven years or so, I've written and wrangled content for the History Commons, where I've learned that information is indeed power. Before my arrival, we helped the Jersey Girls force the creation of the 9/11 commission (they provided the activism, we helped with the info), and some of our members have testified before Congress. Our members have produced at least two books and I'm writing a third as we speak. Taught for 21 years. Currently underemployed. Adore my wife and my houseful of cats.

That's done, whew! Now, I proposed a project for the Daily Kos that is delineated here:

NC: Moral Mondays Now Joined by Information Tuesdays (and every day!)

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