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Sunday News: From the Editorial pages


SELFISH LACK OF COMPASSION DRIVES TRUMP'S COVID 19 RESPONSE: Here’s the clear truth. There is no mystery to stopping the spread of COVID-19. Maintain social distancing, wash hands often and wear a hygienic mask. Wearing a mask is more effective than a vaccine. Says who? Says the man President Donald Trump put in charge of the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, Robert Redfield. What logical reason could there be to refusing to wear a mask? What statement is made by attending a political rally, a reception for a U.S. Supreme Court nominee or re-entering the White House after a three-day COVID-19 infection-related emergency hospital stay — and refusing to wear a mask? How has something so commonsensical morphed into a statement of partisan politics; religious faith; political ideology and virility? Why does it spawn child-like behavior, as exhibited in the House and Senate chambers of the North Carolina legislature? Just as there is no vaccine for COVID-19, there isn’t one for willfully ignoring the facts which seems to be a pandemic of its own spreading through the White House, Congress, and North Carolina politics.

Saturday News: Dandy, Denied


FOREST MAKES A MOTION TO ALLOW ALL SCHOOLS TO REOPEN FULL-TIME: But Forest’s motion to allow all K-12 public schools to fully reopen was determined to be out of order. The state board and the state Department of Public Instruction have worked with the governor’s office on school reopening issues. Forest’s motion was criticized by Cooper’s campaign, which said Forest has missed 45% of state board meetings over the past seven years. The state board is made up of members who are there because of their position, such as lieutenant governor and state treasurer, and people appointed by the governor. “When you consistently don’t show up for meetings, it’s hard to know how things work,” Liz Doherty, a spokeswoman for Cooper’s campaign, said Friday. “Dan Forest believes schools should re-open with no plan to keep our children safe and healthy and that is dangerous.”

Friday News: The Party of Racism

GREG MURPHY TWEETS KAMALA HARRIS WAS ONLY PICKED BECAUSE OF HER COLOR: Democratic vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris was picked for her color and her race, an Eastern North Carolina Republican congressman tweeted — and then deleted — during Wednesday’s vice presidential debate. Greg Murphy is a first-term Republican representative from Greenville. He was elected in a special election in 2019 to fill the 3rd Congressional District vacancy left by the death of Rep. Walter Jones. “@KamalaHarris is a walking disaster. ... she was only picked for her color and her race .... is that how we pick our leaders now in America??,” Murphy tweeted. Murphy spent much of the debate weighing in on Twitter, posting several tweets questioning Harris’ credentials. “Biggest take away from the VP Debate -- @KamalaHarris is not qualified to be POTUS in any way, shape or form,” Murphy tweeted.

Thursday News: Inexcusable

GOVERNOR RESCINDS GOP APPOINTMENT OVER ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIP: On Tuesday night, the Raleigh Protection Alliance, which says it provides a safe place for survivors to share their experiences, published McLamb’s accuser’s story on Instagram. She was not identified. “I have wanted to get this off my chest for more than three years now,” she wrote in the Instagram post. In the post, the woman alleges McLamb relentlessly pressured her to have sex by lying on her body or waking her up repeatedly through the night until she gave in. She also alleged that he videotaped a sexual encounter without her consent and in one instance, pinned her against a wall and screamed in her face that he would destroy her career. McLamb was one of six names the North Carolina Republican Party provided the Democratic governor after two previous Republican board members resigned following a vote to settle a lawsuit about how the board handles absentee ballots.

Wednesday News: Occam's Razor

STANLY COUNTY SCHOOLS CLAIMS DECEASED TEACHER GOT COVID ELSEWHERE, FAMILY DISAGREES: The school district and the county health department are adamant that Davis didn’t get it from work, and have left no room for speculation. So why is it that her brother doesn’t believe them? “She was nervous,” says her brother, Stan Andrews. “But it was her job, and she was gonna do it.” “I said to her, ‘Julie, where did you get it?’” he says. “She said, ‘I got it at school. There was a student that had it.’ ...” He says she told him the student was not in her class, but he doesn’t think that matters. “The children are around each other, they spread it. ... I mean third-graders, you can imagine how touchy and everything they are.” Andrews says he firmly believes his sister would still be alive if her school hadn’t opened, and that “she died in vain.”

Tuesday News: Still lacking a sense of honor and decency

TILLIS SEZ HE'S GOT HIS SENSE OF SMELL BACK: Sen. Thom Tillis, who announced on Friday that he had tested positive for COVID-19, is now symptom-free, his spokesman said Monday afternoon. “Senator Tillis feels great and has regained his sense of taste and smell,” the statement read. “He is no longer exhibiting any symptoms and will continue to self-isolate. Senator Tillis and his wife Susan remain grateful for the outpouring of prayers and well wishes they’ve received from North Carolinians.” Later Monday night, Tillis tweeted that Trump had called him to say that “he’s feeling great.” “Told him I’m recovering and look forward to getting back to the Senate and confirming Judge Amy Coney Barrett,” Tillis tweeted.

Monday News: Tillis, the Superspreader

TILLIS HAD AN ACTIVE WEEK AFTER HE WAS LIKELY INFECTED: Last Saturday, Tillis attended an outdoor ceremony at the White House announcing Amy Coney Barrett as the U.S. Supreme Court nominee to succeed the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg. On Tuesday, the senator tweeted a photo after visiting Parker's BBQ in Greenville for a roundtable discussion with local law enforcement leaders. On Wednesday, he met with Barrett on Capitol Hill. On Thursday, Tillis participated in a Senate debate sponsored by Spectrum News with Democratic challenger Cal Cunningham, who said Saturday he has tested negative for the virus. Cameron Wolfe, infectious disease expert at Duke University School of Medicine, said the Rose Garden event Tillis attended could be classified as a "super spreader event." "Unfortunately, we should expect there will be more people that turn positive in his inner circle," Wolfe said.

Sunday News: From the Editorial pages


CONCOCTED SCANDAL DISRUPTS ELECTION BOARD'S IMPORTANT WORK: It turns out that the only thing “collusive” in the ginned-up controversy over the State Board of Elections’ efforts to settle some mail-in ballot lawsuits was the false outrage from Republican Party and GOP leaders in the General Assembly. It was a desperate ploy gone awry. It revealed the shameful and phony efforts – from the president on down – to create baseless distrust in our election and the security of our ballots. How do we know this? Because the spouse of one of the Republican State Board members revealed, via a Facebook post, that David Black’s quitting was NOT necessarily for the reasons stated in a resignation letter. Rather it came after a “very unhappy” telephone call with the lawyer for the state GOP. “These resignations were not voluntary. They were told to resign. Sad times when Republicans are firing intelligent and trustworthy Republicans,” Deb Black said in a Facebook post.

Saturday News: Who's next, Dandy?


THOM TILLIS TESTS POSITIVE FOR CORONAVIRUS: Sen. Thom Tillis has tested positive for the coronavirus, the North Carolina Republican announced Friday night. Tillis participated in a televised debate with Democratic challenger Cal Cunningham on Thursday evening from a Spectrum News studio in Raleigh. Tillis was in Washington, D.C., earlier Thursday for a vote on the Senate floor. Tillis, a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, also met with Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett on Wednesday at the U.S. Capitol. Cunningham said on Twitter that he plans to get tested. “I’m wishing @SenThomTillis a quick recovery following his positive COVID-19 test, and am thinking of him and his family. Because I was with Senator Tillis recently on the debate stage, I will also get tested,” Cunningham posted on Twitter on Friday night.

Friday News: It was inevitable


TRUMP TESTS POSITIVE FOR COVID 19, BLAMES MILITARY AND LAW ENFORCEMENT: President Donald Trump said overnight that he and first lady Melania Trump have tested positive for COVID-19 and will quarantine. The announcement came after one of the president’s closest aides, Hope Hicks, also tested positive. “The president and first lady are both well at this time, and they plan to remain at home within the White House during their convalescence.” Conley wrote. “It’s very, very hard when you’re with people from the military, or from law enforcement, and they come over to you, and they want to hug you and they want to kiss you because we really have done a good job for them. And you get close, and things happen,” Trump said.


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