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Running Against Goliath

In February, I received a call asking if I was interested in running against House Majority Leader Paul "Skip" Stam. My first reaction was to think "yes, but how can a six term firmly entrenched House leader be defeated in a Republican leaning district." I was very aware that Stam had soundly beaten his opponents for the past ten years. So why spend nearly nine months chasing votes in District 37? Because, North Carolina deserves much better and it would be an injustice to allow Majority Leader Stam to march back into the N.C House without focused opposition.

My campaign is tirelessly run by an all volunteer staff. But the passion for a victory could not be any higher. In addition to their jobs and family obligations, these volunteers have devoted countless hours to see that Skip Stam is finally defeated.

A Tale in the Mail

My wife received a mailer paid for by the Republican Party on behalf of a candidate that criticized the state legislature for spending over $9,000 per student, but then paying first year teachers so poorly. The implication was that this should be the other way around. I couldn't help but wonder how many people would read this at face value and not realize that North Carolina is close to last in the nation in per pupil spending. States that ranked at the top of this category were spending double what North Carolina allocates per pupil. While I agree teachers are worth far more than what the state could ever afford to pay them and should continue to get raises, the average teacher's salary in North Carolina has ranked in the top third of the nation when the adjusted cost of living has been taken into consideration. It is not surprising that statistics would be used to confuse the public in an effort to win their votes.

Making "Public" Education a Priority When Elected

Yesterday, House Majority Leader Paul "Skip" Stam announced what his Republican led legislature will accomplish regarding education in 2013 (yes, over six weeks prior to election day). As many people are aware, one of Stam's unaccomplished goals is to privatize public school education by offering private school vouchers. Obviously, there is a lot of "special interest" support in seeing that this happens. These vouchers would be a follow up to an education budget that got significantly slashed ($190 million dollars of cuts from 2011), causing many teacher assistants and other school employees to lose their jobs.

North Carolina deserves better

The biggest obstacle to Representative Paul "Skip" Stam being the next N.C Speaker of the House is now three months away, November 6th, 2012. Voters in District 37 will have the opportunity to prevent the Architect of Amendment One from continuing to push his policies through the North Carolina Legislature. One of the very important things at stake is our public schools. Represtative Stam has continually attempted to privatize public education, but has so far failed to have any of his legislation approved. Another term will give Representative Stam ample time to create yet another tax incentive for parents to pull their children out of public schools. As Speaker of the House, the influence Stam carries will be far reaching. He succeeded in writing discrimination into the Constitution, he succeeded in destroying the Racial Justice Act, he succeeded in ensuring that a mistaken vote ushered in Fracking and he will succeed in dismantling our public education system.

Paul "Skip" Stam strikes again

You can now add Fracking to the Legacy of Paul "Skip" Stam.

When Legislator Carney accidentally hit the wrong button during the Fracking override vote, House Majority Leader Stam used a procedural motion to prevent the Bill from being reconsidered, (which did not allow Carney to correct her mistake).

And so Paul "Skip" Stam was victorious again, this time in regard to blocking an obvious error made by a legislator.

Rally for Equality Attracts a Young Crowd

Nearly 100 people gathered outside the state capitol Sunday to protest North Carolina's passage of Amendment One. The event entitled "Rally for Equal Rights" was organized by Seth Keel and Carly Campbell. Many of the people in the crowd stood with homemade signs demanding equality and the freedom to have same sex marriages in North Carolina. In addition to Keel and Campbell, some of the other speakers included Democratic U.S House Candidate Charles Malone, N.C House Candidate Jason Wunsch and Pastor Nancy Petty of Pullen Memorial Baptist Church. Wunsch, addressed the crowd by encouraging them to exercise their most powerful voice, the right to vote. "My opponent, the architect of Amendment One, can be sent home along with all the other legislators, who voted for Amendment One", Wunsch stated. The crowd was particularly young, with many teenagers and college students in the audience singing and chanting about freedom and equality.

Rally for Equal Rights

As the Democratic Candidate running against the Architect of Amendment One, Paul "Skip" Stam, I will be speaking at this event. Please join us! Here is the description of the event provided by organizers Seth Keel and Carly Campbell:

"In the wake of Amendment One, we need to take a stand and demand that every person in our state has the right to live and love! This is an opportunity for us to come together as a community and uplift the dignity of everyone.

We can send our lawmakers a message that we are here and we will NOT stop fighting for justice and equality. Don’t allow yourself to feel defeated because the Amendment passed – the march goes on, the fight continues, and we will see the day where we are all treated with dignity, love, compassion, and respect.

Please join us at the State Capitol on May 27 at 2:00 pm to rally for equal rights! We will feel the power of the people as we stand together and send a message to our state that we will NOT be silent.

Another Effort to Privatize Public Education

A rally on Tuesday announced yet another attempt by House Majority Leader Paul "Skip" Stam to privatize public education. Legislation will be introuduced to allow corporations to send up to $40 million of their state taxes to children to attend private schools. Stam, a long time advocate of private school tax credits and the voucher system, introduced a plan that will take much needed state tax funds and channel it to private schools in the form of corporate scholarships.


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