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Anglico's Hypocrisy Regarding Beverly Perdue

[Note by SD - This diarist shares an IP address with two others who have posted inflammatory content without responding to the community or our questions. It appears to be part of a coordinated effort. Please see this post for further information.]

Anglico recently posted a piece on the 2008 North Carolina gubernatorial race that likened State Treasurer Richard Moore to Art Pope and George W. Bush. He also gave a backhanded endorsement to Bev Perdue saying "She's also the go-to choice for those of us who are sick of being subjugated to the politics of white old rich men. I hate that Perdue voted for the goddamned lottery, but I need to get over it. She's going to be the next governor."

Unfortunately, Anglico neglected to offer readers a number of important facts that might have colored his judgment.

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