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GOTV, Field Work, Polls, and the Election Haze: How to look at it

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We need to talk about the atmosphere that is hanging around to many blogs these days. We seem to be dealing with a mixture of hope, fear, desperation and at least in some cases dread. This seems to be all swirling around at once and I know that all those emotions are YOU HAswirling around in me as well.

I don't see this as either a good thing or a bad thing, but wee need to recognize it for what it is and also that to some degree it is the result of 24 hour new cycle.

Here are the facts as I see them. It is simply a bad year to be a Republican no matter where you are. However, if you are an incumbent Republican you still have the natural advantage that comes with being the incumbent, or maybe not. The way that I see it, turn out at midterms is always dismal. Common sense tells me that people don't come out to vote for a status quo that they are less than enthusiastic about and I think that this is particularly the case this year. Large segments of the Republican base are disillusioned and unenthusiastic about the current agenda of the party that they think represents them.

Shuler, Edwards, and the promise of a "Better America"

So I just posted this over at DailyKos. Please go and rec it up!!! Lets get the word out about what is going on here.

“America is better than this!”

That was John Edwards refrain today at a rally for Heath Shuler that he attended in Asheville, NC (NC-11).

While Shuler was supposed to be the main player today (after all he is the one running for office right?), John Edwards stole the show. It was quickly obvious to this veteran from NH primary season that what we were hearing was a very early form of a stump speech from Edwards. But before I get there, let’s talk about what Shuler had to say first.

The essence of Shuler speech was changing the course. He spoke of bringing high paying jobs back into the district (we have been hard hit by the textile mills leaving the area for points south). This was spoken in conjunction with renewable energy and energy independence. One of Shuler lines that got the greatest response was: “We must change the course in Iraq because it’s not acceptable.” Keep in mind that this is from a Dem running in a “conservative” Southern district. I guess he got the memo that the war just wasn’t playing well. To be fair, he did not say what the course change would consist of, but it hardly seemed to matter to the crowd. The fact that both Shuler and Edwards have young children was brought up several times in the “Let’s do it for them” kind of way, particularly in relation to Healthcare. After a very brief introduction, Edwards came up and stole the show.

Turning Red Blue all over the South

So I got this bug up my butt today about the fact that Dems in the South are not very well supported, and how there needs to be a major rebuilding of the party down here. So I started over at ActBlue and came up with this. I decided that I am not going to take it any more. I am going to make myself have an active role in rebuilding the South for the Dems.

This means several things. First, my main focus from now on is going to be on creating this "Southern Strategy." It also means that until I get this thing up and off the ground, I am going to be doing a lot of cross-posting between here, the Daily Kos, and my Live Jounal site. Over the next few week I will be focusing almost entirely on the races here in the South, posting on those, particularly the ones that I am the most familiar with. I will also be shamelessly pushing my ActBlue page in the effort to try and get these people money. After the election (in 49 days!) I will be focusing on how to develop a strategy for a real, substantive take over of the South, consolidating both the ideas of other and my own, in addition to focusing on the issues that have the greatest impact here in the South.


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