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Onslow County Politics: Joe McLaughlin Killed My Buzz

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Earlier this week (I think it was Tuesday or Wednesday morning) I was bicycling to work and had this flitting thought:

I haven’t heard the names “Joe McLaughlin” or “Delma Collins” in a while. Isn’t that nice?"

And it was, it was very nice…But it wasn’t to last very long.

On Wednesday morning, my co-worker laid a clipping from the day’s Jacksonville Daily News. It was a paid advertisement, sponsored by Joe McLaughlin, which detailed a small slice of funding from the Economic Stimulus Package recently passed by the Congress and signed into law by President Obama.

And it looked exactly like this:

Smoke-Free: An Email Sent Regarding NC House Bill 2 : Prohibit Smoking in Public and Work Places

This is cross-posted from Bloviations.

The text of an email I sent to North Carolina House of Representatives members George Cleveland, Robert Grady and Russell Tucker in support of House Bill 2 (Prohibit Smoking in Public & Work Places).

I strongly urge you, dear readers that live in NC, to write your House representatives and support this legislation. Feel free to use my own email as a starting point.

2010 Elections: Craig Weber Announces Third Bid for Jones, Jr’s Seat

This is cross-posted from Bloviations.

In what can only be described as an egomaniacal trip down horror alley, Craig Weber has announced via email his third bid for North Carolina’s Third Congressional seat.

The text is below.

To all,

2008 Primary Analysis: Onslow County Commissioners

This is a cross-post from Bloviations and is the second in a series of posts examining 2008 Primary Elections in Onslow County.

The Primary Election had some very interesting results for the Onslow County Board of Commissioners. It appears that Onslow County voters are unsatisfied with the current Board and want new representation.

The winners of the Democratic ballot:

2008 Primary Election Analysis: NC-03

This is a cross-post from Bloviations and is the first in a series of posts examining 2008 Primary Elections in Onslow County.

Primary 2008 over and all that’s left is to clear the battlefields of the dead and wounded. For North Carolina’s 3rd Congressional District, that means sweeping away Democrat Marshall Adame and Republican Joe McLaughlin.

Craig Weber defeated Marshall Adame by nearly 30,000 votes (or 39% of votes cast).


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