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Greedy doctors going on strike?

If I never heard the name Ayn Rand again it would be too damn soon. You may have heard of her, conservatives have taken her philosophy and made it their own.

These are "free marketeers" who build their economic belief system on a work of fiction. Well now there’s a group, (heck for all I know it may just be the guy that put the page up) that is calling for doctors to go on strike in order to “preserve, protect, and promote freedom in healthcare”.

You see, according to Dr. Gregory Garamoni the problem in healthcare is that Washington politicians are poised to inject a lethal dose of statism into the heart of our healthcare system”. Not the fact that millions of Americans have no choice in health care because they have to see who ever is working at the free clinic that day.

He clearly despises the president, calling him the “Quack-in-Chief” and more and doesn’t have much good to say about the Congress or the media.

Senator Richard Burr you are a cancer

An open letter to Senator Richard Burr

Dear Senator Burr,

Recently I wrote to you encouraging you to support comprehensive sexual education. In response you have informed me that "When teaching out children is it important that we promote safe and health choices..." You then go on to state that it is your belief that "an appropriate abstinence program reinforces these values and allows age appropriate discussion with abstinence promoted as the only option that is 100 percent effective." I could almost believe that you had thought this through until you then went on, "The limitations of contraceptives in protecting against sexually transmitted diseases and unintended pregnancies are also taught in these programs"

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