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Health system & mental health system along with disabilities

I heard yesterday on news 13 about Beth Purdue cutting the NC buget , which incudes cutting 10% of the funds for the Mentally ill & disabled. I do not understand this, My partner of 8 yrs has had a problem tryin to find some sort of treatment for his OCD ( which is considered to be a mental health disorder) we have searched high and low here in Buncombe county but with him having medicaid and medicare , we have had no luck. Considering the fact that he recieves disability income and can't find any kind of treatment is rediculious and Beth Purdue cutting the funds back for mental health and the funds for the disabled ( weather the disability is physical or not) definately doesn't help us , just hurts us worse . Our Health care services here in Buncombe county for those who have medicaid & medicare already has enough problems and issues in the system , now this just makes everything all that much more worse.

Why does NC not have open adoption?

Ok I have a question , why does the state of NC not have an open adoption law , why is it that if a woman has a baby whether she wants to give up her child or not, why is it that if she chooses to give her child up for adoption , that she must do adoption instead of being able to do an open adoption.

Frustrated with ADHD/ OCD partner

Maybe some of you guys can help me . I've been with my partner ( Jeremy) for 8 yrs now. I am ADD & he is ADHD as well as OCD - letely we've been having major communication problems , when ever I try to have a serious discussion about his ADHD or OCD and the issues that surround his ADHD/ OCD and greatly affects me and our relationship , Jeremy immedately interupts me , starts critcizing everything that I do & doesn't even give me a chance to speak my peace - by this time I am incredibly frustrated and upset - of course it does not help for Jeremy to make hurtful comments to me & put me down , instead of trying to listen to me and hear me out and take accountiblity for his issues . I know that Jeremy & I would greatly benifit from couples counseling - but I have to find a place that does that as well as a place that takes Medicaid & Medicare .

Hello everyone - newbie here

Hello everyone , my name is Melissa I'm 28 yrs old & live in WNC , where I share a home with the love of my life Jeremy , whom I've been with for 8 yrs . In addition I am also a mother of a handsome 7 1/2 yr old son named William who is a blessing from god.

I joined this site , simply because living here in NC ( Buncombe county ) I have yet to find any kind of couples counseling for my partner ( who suffers from OCD ) the problem that we are having is finding treatment for his OCD but at the same time finding a place that also takes medicaid & medicare . It just sort shocks me that the state NC can get a million dollars to build new building and exspand Buncombe county , but yet they do not seem to having the money to improve the mental health services .

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