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Coming Soon! Pissy NCGOP Leaks!

Breaking news........ In the next couple weeks a new political site will be reveal in North Carolina as " Pissy NCGOP Leaks" According to the Founder of this site, a recovering Republican said that his group plans to post e-mails from the GOP leadership in this State that will expose their true goals for the 15 th century. The Founder and members of this group said they have acquire these e-mails from the past 10 years from inside sources within the Republican Party and they are consider modern day political heroes as whistle blowers. The sources will be protected to the very serious possible harm that the Republican Party leadership who will attempt to silent them though legal and non-legal means.. The Founder also said if this venture is a success, that a national site would be started called " Sissy GOP Leaks"..He also promise to release some e-mails as an example to come..

Real ID Action Alert Can it be Stopped in NC?‏

* Note! Like most Patriot Groups this group forgot about stopping the GOP Voter ID assault on your constitutional liberties..But if they are half way there, than it is good they are getting into the battle for real liberty against the GOP Art Pope Fascist Corporate Party......

Real ID Action Alert Can it be Stopped in NC?‏

Subject: Real ID Action Alert Can it be Stopped in NC?
Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2011 13:29:27 -0500

You are the ones who can make a difference. Your collective voices. We need an outpouring of support to stop the Real ID in NC.

So far in NC. The DMV collects all of your nformation including biometric photos and soon 3d imagining of your face.

This information is stored in a central database and can be hacked. This increases your odds of getting your identity stolen.

Even worse, it increases the governments ability to track each and everything you do as if they need to.


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