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Anti-government weenies attempt to derail light rail in Charlotte

God damn this makes me mad.

One of the things I look forward to in Charlotte is the distant day when I will be able to ride convenient public transit from my neighborhood on the east side to the University, where I work. One of the selling points for this neighborhood, for me, was the citywide transit plan.

First the South line tying together all the farflung southern suburbs would go in. Then a trolley line tying old Central avenue to the business district. Then a line out to the University and beyond.

Now the troglodytes are trying to kill the transit plan:

Larry Kissell makes DCCC "Emerging Races" List

Yay! (I think). This does not appear to be quite as good as making the Third Wave of Red to Blue candidates, but it does seem to imply...well, something.

The DCCC Emerging Races list is made up of candidates who have taken traditionally non-competitive districts and, through the strength of their campaigns, put themselves in a position to win in November. Red to Blue and Emerging candidates all represent the new direction that American voters are searching for and all have pledged to put the priorities of middle class families first when they get to Washington.

Vote for DFA to endorse Kissell!

I got an e-mail today from DFA. They're looking for their next Grassroots All-Star and Larry Kissell (NC-8) is on the list. (I think I might have nominated him, but I'm sure others did too).

Anyway, go vote for him, and tell your friends to vote too, because a DFA endorsement would be highly influential.

Note: I would crosspost this to DailyKos, but I think it would go better with some colorful pictures from the fundraising event last night.

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