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Bitter People

Are you nourishing yourself with a toxic stew of fear, trepidation and resentment, given Barack Obama's Inauguration? Some are, and they continue to "reach out" to me and Democratic friends with baseless complaints and venom.

I'm not naming names, because I'm not one to gossip. And I'm not referring to the millions of people who didn't vote for Obama; I'm referring to the millions of bitter people who didn't vote for Obama. He spoke of their ilk while on the campaign trail.

Mayhill Fowler, Huffington Post blogger, broke the infamous "bitter" story in April 2008; explaining that

No One Cares About Mann Coulter

Mann Coulter has reportedly trashed Michele Obama in her new "book." REALLY? She's so predictable, I barely took notice.

Coulter attempts to shock and offend, for she craves the almighty dollar. Dammit, if I were that skank smart, I'd rule the world!

Her appearance on the Today show, originally scheduled for Thursday, has been cancelled.

Elder Bush Has High Hopes for Jeb

Head of the Bush Crime Family President H.W. Bush today revealed his hope that son Jeb will continue the dynasty eventually ascend to the Presidency. Yea!
The elder Bush also reports he spoke with Barack Obama soon after the election and "assured him that he was my president." No word on whether Obama expressed relief.

On "Milk" the Movie, Or, Was Mickey Rourke Right?

I saw Milk this week at Raleigh's Rialto. Gus Van Sant (Drugstore Cowboy, Good Will Hunting) directed the movie, which was released in October 2008. It's an exploration of activist Harvey Milk in the last years of his life. Actor Sean Penn portrays Mr. Milk (May 22, 1930 - November 27, 1978), who is widely cited as the first openly gay politician voted into office.

Someone's Daughter Is Now A Hate Crime Survivor

Updated 12/27 to add fund information below.

I had trouble sleeping last night after what I read. A horrific hate crime was visited last week upon an openly gay woman in Richmond, California.

Police believe the woman was targeted due to the suspects' anti-gay bias. The victim got out of her car to visit a friend, and was attacked and raped by a multi-ethnic posse of hate-filled men.

Why do I mention multi-ethnic? Simply because I find it interesting how last week's hate crime victim may be this week's hate crime perpetrator. That victim could be any of us. A sister, a neighbor, a daughter.

Ann Coulter, Attention Whore, Has Been Silenced

This week I was wondering about the silence of Ann Coulter. I heard nothing from her during the primary and election, and was delighted that few seemed to be indulging her.
Breaking news: her jaw has been wired shut; just in time for Thanksgiving. Maybe she can still drink her beer through a straw.

"We're No Longer A Southern State"

I went to the drugstore today. Better living through chemistry, and all.

For the second time since I voted, I saw the man who helped me with my touch machine at election time. A big bear of a man, a white senior citizen, oozing friendliness and goodwill.

This time, in the drugstore, I decided to say hello. "Did you work at the polls?" I asked. "Yes," he said, "for early voting." "I thought you looked familiar," I said.

"Did you see me in the newspaper?"
"No, I saw you at the polls."
"You don't read the newspaper?"
"No. My husband does."

Gso Prop 8 Protest (Photo's Added)

I made it to the protest today in Greensboro, which was smaller than I expected. Hopefully lots of Triad folks attended the Raleigh event instead.

There were no frenzied groups of rabid wingnuts in sight.

I remarked on this to a fellow protester. "There wasn't enough time for them to organize," he said; holding a sign referencing Britney Spears' 55-hour marriage.

"Yeah, I guess most of the publicity was on the internet," I replied. "And they don't have internet."

"They probably communicate by carrier pigeon," he laughed.

No doubt some of the fine citizens passing by headed straight to their local Church of God and returned with a pickup load of angry Palin wackos. But by then, I had left.


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